Friday, 16 November 2012

A New York Blog

We arrived. After the fun and games of moving out, and being nomadic, saying farewell to our friends and family, we got here.
I haven't been here since 2005, I loved it then and it doesn't look like much has changed, except perhaps it has got a bit cooler, which seems impossible.

It's great walking around Manhattan, you've seen it so many times on tv or on film that it feels like home already. There's nothing like the sound that greets you as you go up the subway. The taxi horns, the sirens blaring and the smell of pretzels wafting down. Then you have to be careful on the pavement (sorry, sidewalk) because if you look up at the sights, an harassed and in a hurry New Yorker will politely remind you exactly as to where you should be looking and perhaps you wouldn't mind doing your sightseeing at a different time.

Actually, that's interesting because I am going to explode a myth here. It isn't the tourists that cause problems. It's the New Yorkers. The ones who are checking their phones as they cross an avenue on red. The ones dawdling along doing the same. The ones who stand in groups on the sidewalk (got it right this time). The ones who stop dead in the middle of a crossing to talk about whether to go into a shop or not. And my favourite, the ones who stop at the top of the subway steps to check their emails! I mean really! Is it that important to see what Alejandro from accounts has just done on FarmVille?

And the dawdling, come on guys you can walk faster than that, and if you weren't jammering into your iPhone you could probably manage to walk in a straight line too!

Don't get me wrong, I love NY and I love the people, but walk more sensibly!

So what are we doing here? The plan is simple, to work on our business plan away from the UK; it's too emotional there. Jessica is working to get gigs, and to get herself in front of management and labels, and hopefully picking up some session work as well. Then there's a bit more of a plan, to write as much material as possible in order to batter the publishers back in the UK. And somewhere in between, to hang out with Jessica's lovely family, meet some old friends, make some new friends and to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Christian Thomas is Production Director at Space Studios. He is indeed having a nice day.

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